Jaggery (Gur)


  • JAGGERY SUGAR – It is a dark, coarse, unrefined sugar made from the sap of a variety of palm tree or from the sugar cane juice
  • BAG – Bag of natural cane jaggery sugar is guaranteed to last so you can enjoy adding to your favourite dishes and desserts
  • TASTE – Slightly less sweet than maple syrup, a little thicker than honey and boasting a rich, brown sugar-like flavor
  • HEALTH BENEFITS – Jaggery is a natural body cleanser, further reducing the workload of the liver
  • USE WITH – Jaggery is used in curries, lentil soup, and other preparations. It is an integral part of the country’s sweets made by combining ground nuts, grams, sesame seeds, rice flakes, puffed rice, popped rice, cashew nuts, almonds, wheat, and gram flour snacks


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Organic Unrefined Cane Sugar (Gur) is a great replacement for Muscovado or Demerara sugar in recipes. It is unrefined and a healthier alternative to other sugars.



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